Effective communication increases the use, value and impact of science, 
and drives positive change.

 Why Tali? 

I am driven by an unwavering passion for effecting positive change. My experience as both a scientist and science communicator, and my rich and multifaceted skillset, makes me uniquely positioned to bridge the gaps that exist between science, policy, and practice.

With a PhD in Zoology I am able to understand and interpret the technical details and complexity of a wide range of scientific disciplines. Through a decade of working as a science communicator I’ve learned to make that science more relatable and accessible to diverse audiences.

I focus on both the big picture and the finer detail, developing and implementing science communication strategies that target key audiences, and boost the impact, use, and value of research.

My natural teaching abilities paired with my experiences as a trainer, allow me to build the science communication capacities of others.

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 What I do 



I build impact-focused science communication strategies that align with the needs of key audiences, and that account for any funding and capacity constraints in organisations.



I synthesize scientific findings, generating accessible and powerful written content.

I develop a diverse range of high-quality, audience-appropriate outputs. 



I empower organisations to conduct sustainable and impactful science communication by building the capacity of people within organisations to develop and implement science communication strategies.


 What people say 

“Tali is probably the most impressive science communicator I have ever had the fortune of working with. She has a unique (and rare) ability to fully grasp research findings, understand the methods and associated uncertainties behind these, and then communicate the findings in a wide variety of innovative formats and to different kinds of audiences.” 

—  Georgina Cundill Kemp, Senior Program Officer

International Development Research Centre (IDRC)



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Based in Cape Town, South Africa

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