Effective communication increases the use, value and impact of science, 
and drives positive change.


Communications, grant writing and project management

Claire Austin supports research projects at various stages of development, from grant proposal writing in the early inception phase to the dissemination of key results in the completion phase, and offering project management throughout. 

Together, Claire and I provide science communication services to researchers from a wide range of disciplines, offering cost-effective end efficient mechanisms for developing and implementing communication strategies.


Fundraising specialist

As a fundraising coach and project development specialist, Zoë supports teams and individuals to become better at fundraising by helping them to articulate their impact strategy, and to design stronger projects and programmes. She has a Masters degree and extensive technical experience in project development, particularly in the environmental sector.
By combining our skills Zoë and I help our clients achieve impact by focusing inward, on their organisational effectiveness and sustainability, and outward, on their communication strategies. This integrated approach sets teams up for effective fundraising that is linked to clearly-articulated impacts.


Human Element Communications

Brendon Bosworth believes that academic research needs to be paired with a softer, more human approach that relies on the power of storytelling to bring science to life. Brendon has 10-years experience as a journalist, editor, and communicator with a focus on urbanisation, climate change, and development. His work inside and outside of research institutions, locally and abroad, has allowed him to identify the challenges and opportunities for creating better synergies between researchers and non-specialist audiences.

Brendon and I run a four-week workshop that builds the capacity of researchers to more effectively communicate with a variety of non-specialist audiences. With a focus on humanising research, and the people who do it, our course invites researchers to explore and develop the powerful stories that help non-specialists connect with their work. We pair this human focus with practical tools for strategically, cost-effectively and professionally communicating with diverse audiences.  

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