Effective communication increases the use, value and impact of science, 
and drives positive change.


In all spheres, science is advancing and developing in important and valuable ways. However, to truly have impact, I believe that science needs to be communicated to the right audiences, in the right ways, and at the right times.


What are the impacts you are trying to achieve? · Which audiences do you need to reach in order to have those impacts? · Which formats and outputs will be most effective at reaching those audiences? 

​​Only once we have answers to questions like these can we effectively design a communication strategy that can have tangible impacts. 

To develop such a strategy I work with my clients to map out their key audiences across scales and sectors. I then consider the information needs of these audiences to determine how (appropriate output formats, ideal dissemination channels and platforms) and when (key opportunities to disseminate content and influence policy and practice) we can most effectively share key research messages with each target audience. 

I ensure that the communication strategy aligns with the timing of the research and its emergent findings, and factors in any constraints in funding and capacity. 

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I produce once-off communication products, as well as implement all aspects of strategic communication plans over longer time horizons. 


I deliver work of the highest quality, bringing strategic thinking, efficiency and attention to detail to everything I do.

Written content

I synthesize scientific content to identify powerful and accessible key messages that speak to the needs of target audiences. I write narratives for these key messages that can be adapted (in style and length) for any communication output.

Communication outputs

The outputs I typically produce include: 

  • Popular articles or other written outputs

  • Websites (Wix, Wordpress or Drupal) 

  • Information or policy briefs

  • Brochures or flyers

  • Photo essays

  • Animations

  • Videos

However, I also consider additional output formats that may be better suited to the needs of key audiences.  Where necessary, I collaborate with other professionals to improve cost-effectiveness and streamline service delivery. 

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Science communication skills are scarce but vital. I capacitate people within organisations to develop their abilities to communicate science effectively and strategically.

Research organisations seldom have sufficient capacity within their organisation to conduct science communication, nor sufficient funds to outsource these activities on the long-term. I strive to empower organisations to carry out sustainable and impactful activities, using two modes of work to build the capacity of people within organisations to develop and implement science communication strategies.


Online course

Together with Brendon Bosworth, I offer self-guided and facilitated online science communication courses. With a focus on humanising science, and the people who do it, our courses invite researchers to explore and develop the powerful stories that help audiences connect with their work. We pair this human focus with practical tools for strategically, cost-effectively and professionally communicating science with non-specialist audiences and the media.  

The self-guided version of the course can be taken by anyone, anytime. Those wanting a more interactive and supportive course environment should consider joining one of our facilitated courses which span four or six weeks (approximately 8 per hours per week), and during which Brendon and I guide up to 12 participants through the material via a mix of video lectures, individual assignments, group discussion fora, and one-on-one sessions. We also run additional courses for specialist groups, and can customize the course content and duration to make it more relevant for particular fields.

One-on-one training

I work with individuals to improve their abilities to:

  • Develop science communication strategies

  • Synthesise scientific content

  • Develop powerful and accessible messaging

  • Produce different kinds of communication outputs

  • Effectively use non-specialist software to produce high-quality communication outputs in-house

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